The built and natural environment are the two major inter-related strands in Darani and Helge's work. Using a range of materials they respond to and explore both the imprint left by cultures and the order existing in the natural environment.

Collaboration is central to their practice – enabling them to create stronger and more diverse results. Working closely together, Larsen and Lewers have also involved their daughter and son: Pia and Tor Larsen in a number of commissions. Their contribution has allowed the team to develop ideas that maximize individual strengths for the best outcomes.

Larsen & Lewers brief cv

In addition to their jewellery and hollow-ware they have undertaken large scale commissions such as liturgical and ceremonial work, a lightfitting for the Australian Parliament House in Canberra and various sculptural works.

Tea set

Teapot, sugar bowl and jug - 2002

Sterling silver, Collection: Powerhouse Museum - Sydney

website: hammerthrow films