Helge was born in Denmark in 1929 where he trained, then practiced as jeweller and Silversmith at Sølvform in Copenhagen. He migrated to Australia in 1961 where he formed a Jewellery and silversmithing partnership with Darani Lewers and they held their first joint exhibition in Sydney that year.

Helge introduced the tenants of Contemporary Danish Design to Australia, exhibiting with Darani throughout the

state capitals and overseas. He also lectured for 35 years at several tertiary institutions including the University of NSW and Sydney College of the Arts.

In the 1980's, in response to a growing interest in making international connections in the arts, Helge drew on his

European connections to organise cultural exchanges in the field of jewellery and curate international exhibitions.

These toured to Europe, SE Asia and Australia.

In recognition of Helge and Darani's contribution as pioneers of contemporary jewellery, the National Gallery

of Victoria organised a Retrospective of their work which toured Australia and Europe in 1986 - 88.

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